Posted on Nov 19, 2009

The Game 2.0

Last week I went back to the UK with Fredrik, for another game. There turned out to be less participants, but we did our best to create some interesting problems anyway. Here are two of them.

Stage 1, problem 6 — Retrieve me treasure…

…or reel th’ plank!
Yer booty is t’ be found on “Indoor Island”.
Me treasure is me weap’n!

The key to solve this task is to realize that the map does not depict some South Sea island, but instead a location at the venue where the game took place. To help finding the right place, some clues were given: the compass shows the relative orientation and “Indoor Island” indicates that it’s not outside. Through the event’s website, this seating map for one particular floor can be found:

The basic characteristics are similar, and the actual interior design corresponds to objects in the map. For example, “West Port” and “East Pier” indicate entrances, and “Underground Gorge” is the escalator from the floor below. If the participants went to the “X“, they found a poem containing a reference to the password: the poor pirate’s gold plated dagger.

Stage 2, problem 5 — Jazz


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The easiest method to solve this task was to identify the string “U+100AA” as a Unicode code for the Linear B ideogram “Garment.” By intuition or by evaluating alternative encryption methods, the larger paragraph of text was found to be a Vigénere cipher. “Garment” was thus the keyword. If deciphered, and Googled for, the text could be identified as an excerpt from Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The really literate participants would, of course, recognize the text immediately and also that “Jazz” refers to The Jazz Age — the period in American history in which The Great Gatsby took place.

All in all it was lots of fun creating and interacting with the competing teams! Next game is in only 2 weeks, something I’m greatly looking forward to.


  • Ehsan says:

    Really interesting! Where will the next game take place? :)

    By the way, since you like problem solving a greatly recommend the game Machinarium. Albeit not as advanced problem solving as your game it is still loads of fun on a rainy day. It is Flash based so it works on Mac, PC and Linux. A demo with three levels are available online:

  • Cyphus says:

    Alas, it seems the floorplan you linked to is broken.

    Ehsan: The next game, as far as I know, is at Dreamhack Winter 09. Just a shame I can’t go this year.

  • Emanuel says:

    Cyphus: Hmm, floorplan seems to work fine on my machines. Anyway, it’s simply a screenshot from Multiplay’s seat picker.

    I have a feeling you won’t be that far away from the game next week :)